Action at the Front: The Evolving Face of Legal Project Management

[Webinars] October 20, 2011

In today’s economically challenging legal landscape, clients of all types demand that law firms allocate resources more effectively and deliver services more efficiently. In response to these demands, Legal Project Management – “LPM” – is rapidly becoming essential for proactively managing cases, projects and engagements. More than just a tool, LPM is a whole toolbox that can help lawyers use historical benchmarks and modern methods to plan realistic timelines, create manageable budgets, execute project plans skillfully and communicate with all essential client and law firm stakeholders.

Now that LPM has established a firm foothold, firms are grappling with how to introduce and roll out LPM initiatives, train lawyers and other performers in LPM tools and techniques, and figure out how to build LPM into their operations in the long run.

Edge International Partner Pam Woldow, recognized globally as a go-to expert in LPM planning and implementation, discussed the basic precepts of LPM and then described different approaches firms are trying, the pros and cons of each, and the practical lessons that their triumphs and tribulations are teaching.

Access presentations slides and recording from the LAWASIA Law Management Section webpage.