Brand Building of Law Firms

[Webinars] October 29, 2010

Presented by Juhi Garg, Edge International

The aim of this webinar is to allow participants to learn what goes into creating strong, distinguishable and reputed law firm brands. Law as a service requires trust and expertise. A strong brand presence reduces pitching across the table for legal work and pre-instills a sense of trust, confidence and quality assurance in the prospective client thus increasing the chances of the pitch translating into a mandate for the firm.
The following key issues will be addressed:

  • Understanding that law as a service differs from most services
  • Therefore building credibility, presence and trust in the market for a law firm is an important strategy
  • Key factors that go into building of a law firm brand
  • Suggested techniques of creating presence of your law firm
  • Ensuring brand recall to stay on top of mind
  • Few examples of how to weave the created brand presence into pitches for legal work

Access presentations slides and recording from the LAWASIA Law Management Section webpage.