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Q&A: Holly Mylne – “I’ve found that business often grows when I delegate because it frees up my time for more of the money-generating work”

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,Strategy & Leadership] November 16, 2021

In our Q&A, Holly Mylne, principal and founder of Blossom Lawyers on the Gold Coast in Queensland, explains how her firm has carved out a strong niche in education law, and why she is a big advocate of sharing the workload. You opened the doors to Blossom Lawyers in August 2019, just months before COVID-19 […]

Latest news – Report highlights impact of legal profession; COVID-19 leaves lawyers exhausted; Flexibility the new norm

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,People Management(HR)] November 12, 2021

Law Council report corrects perception of lawyers A new report released by the Law Council of Australia articulates the contribution lawyers make to the community and addresses misconceptions regarding the profession. “Every day I speak with lawyers who are making a real difference in the lives of Australians without expecting any recognition,” Law Council of […]

From in-person to remote to hybrid meetings – why the focus is shifting

[Australasian Law Management Journal,Marketing & Business Development,Strategy & Leadership,Technology] November 6, 2021

Technology has come to the fore to facilitate better meetings during COVID-19, but we need to think about our behaviours and what we can do differently as we enter a permanently changed world of hybrid meetings, writes Mark Andrews. Have you found yourself sitting in a meeting room with two or three colleagues where you […]

Doubling down on a decentralised legal model

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,Strategy & Leadership]

Empowering more junior staff to take responsibility for legal matters and contribute to the business in non-legal areas is at the heart of a new ‘cluster’ model for law firms, writes Demetrio Zema. You may recall earlier this year that I wrote about how Law Squared had done away with the traditional hierarchy that exists […]

Is bigger better? 5 areas where it pays to have scale

[Australasian Law Management Journal,Finance & Accounting,General Management,Strategy & Leadership]

Smaller, market-leading law firms have proven over the years that size is not a pre-requisite for success, but there are some areas where scale can be an advantage, writes Joel Barolsky. Ranking law firms by size implies in some way that second position is better than 22nd. But is it? As with many things in […]

How sophisticated is your pricing? Answer these 10 questions to find out

[Australasian Law Management Journal,Finance & Accounting,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,Strategy & Leadership] September 14, 2021

Errors with pricing for legal work are inevitable, but providing clarity around fees and the value proposition that your firm delivers will go a long way to keeping clients happy while boosting your bottom line, writes Colin Jasper. All law firms are under-charging! That may be a bold assertion, but I believe it to be […]

Differentiating leadership at your firm

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Strategy & Leadership,Uncategorized] September 3, 2021

Leadership and management skills are both important assets for a firm to succeed, but recruitment and development of employees should be based on the specific leadership tasks that need to be performed, writes Keegan Luiters. The Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne published the Study of Australian Leadership in 2016. It was […]

New mindsets and skills for lawyers for the age of AI

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,People Management(HR),Strategy & Leadership,Uncategorized]

Old ways of thinking will not cut it for law firm leaders at a time when artificial intelligence is changing the legal landscape, while new skills such as curiosity and creativity will separate the best leaders from the pack, writes Daljit Singh. Several forces, including rapid technology advances and changing client needs, have led to […]

Q&A: Sean King – “If we picked a super traditional Times New Roman font for our brand, it wouldn’t match who we are and we’d confuse people.”

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,People Management(HR),Strategy & Leadership,Uncategorized]

In our Q&A, Sean King, co-founder and director of Canberra-headquartered professional services firm Proximity, explains why an integrated service offering and multidisciplinary teams have been the driving force behind the business’s growth, and how a rebranding initiative has set the tone for the future. Formed in 2011, Proximity was a finalist in the New Law […]

Latest news – Record female representation; Rising cost of hiring mistakes; Diversity tracking inadequate

[Australasian Law Management Journal,Finance & Accounting,General Management,Strategy & Leadership] August 31, 2021

Proportion of female solicitors keeps rising New national research reveals that the percentage of women making up the Australian legal profession has hit a record. The fifth National Profile of Solicitors report, presenting a demographic picture of the legal profession in Australia, was released in July. It reveals that over the past nine years, there has been […]