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Understanding your pricing choices in a value-based legal world

[Australasian Law Management Journal,Finance & Accounting,General Management,Strategy & Leadership] March 22, 2018

Smarter project management is the key for firms which are re-engineering the way they produce their work as they make the transition from time-based billing to value-based billing, writes John Chisholm. During the past few years, most law firms have well and truly moved on from Do I continue to only time-base bill? to two much more […]

Q&A: Nick Nichola – “What’s important is to have people within the firm who understand that the really critical thing is how they behave as human beings.”

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,People Management(HR),Strategy & Leadership]

In this Q&A, K&L Gates Australia managing partner Nick Nichola discusses the firm’s growth prospects, the importance of innovation, and why he’s happy that the firm’s brand is aligned with the Australian Open tennis tournament. What’s your impression of the state of the legal market in Australia? “I’ve been around for a while and the […]

Latest news – Most firms fail the ‘first impression’ test; Gender citation for 17 law firms; Ups and downs for lawyer recruitment

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,People Management(HR),Strategy & Leadership] March 2, 2018

First impressions a worry for many law firms Nine out of 10 Australian law firms fail the ‘first impression test’, according to client experience research firm CXINLAW in its 2018 benchmark research. In the report, called First Impressions Convert: Increasing Profitability from the First Touch Point, the research found that 88 per cent of initial-enquiry […]

All CARE and responsibility – how to maximise staff retention in your firm

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,People Management(HR),Strategy & Leadership] March 1, 2018

In the second of a two-part series on recruitment and talent retention, Nick Humphrey outlines the formula for senior law firm managers to create an environment in which lawyers and other employees embrace hard work and fun, enhance their skills and contribute to the long-term success of the business. The key strategies for increasing talent […]

Q&A: Brooke Massender – “There’s still a bizarre perception in some quarters that talent is distributed by postcode or school group.”

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,People Management(HR),Strategy & Leadership] February 22, 2018

In this Q&A, Herbert Smith Freehills global Head of Pro Bono and Pro Bono Counsel Brooke Massender discusses how a backpacking trip altered her life; the importance of giving Indigenous students a pathway into the legal profession; and why millennial talent should not be ignored. Can you tell us how you became a lawyer? “Well, […]

Big 4 versus Big Law: How they match up in the fight for clients

[Australasian Law Management Journal,Finance & Accounting,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,Strategy & Leadership] February 18, 2018

With the Big 4 accounting firms clearly stating their intention to re-enter the legal market in Australia and elsewhere, Joel Barolsky examines the strategic match-up between the Big 4 and Big Law to assess who has the edge. #1 Relationships In the main, Big Law firms have long-standing and deep relationships with key buyers of […]

‘Frankenwords’ creating a communication monster for law firms

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,Strategy & Leadership]

A new wave of corporate speak is creeping into law firms and other organisations – and it is confusing and annoying for employees and clients who value clarity of communication, writes Trish Carroll. Showing your clients that you understand them by speaking or emulating their language can be problematic, especially if their language is wrapped […]

Playing it smart in an era when knowledge management rules

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,People Management(HR),Technology] January 29, 2018

The term ‘knowledge management’ is commonly used in modern professional services firms and its implementation is crucial as firms strike a balance between information poverty and information overload, writes Kirsty McPhee. Modern law firms are a deep well of information and knowledge – and there is a risk that staff could sink in it if […]

Why clients want you to collaborate – and 5 steps to do it successfully

[Australasian Law Management Journal,Finance & Accounting,General Management,People Management(HR),Strategy & Leadership]

At the recent World Masters of Law Firm Management seminar in Sydney, the focus was on smart collaboration and why it is a strategic imperative for all firms. Cameron Cooper reports. Professor Heidi K. Gardner issues a clear warning to law firm managers who think collaboration is nothing more than a trend which has had […]

Latest news – Clients favour male lawyers; Diversity and inclusion in spotlight; Reach out to your networks

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,People Management(HR),Strategy & Leadership]

Call for more mixed-gender legal teams Male clients are significantly less likely to choose a woman to represent them, according to a new report from global legal market research firm Acritas. The research, which also points to the importance of mixed-gender legal teams, suggests male clients are a third less likely than female clients to […]