IT support teams on an Adventure in Wonderland

[Australasian Law Management Journal,People Management(HR),Technology] May 12, 2022

The story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, features a cast of characters that Alice meets on her journey which have captivated imaginations for many years and kept us curious. In this article, Mark Andrews explores the ideas of curiosity, learning and adaption as he considers the implications of technology developments on IT […]

8 reasons why business email compromise is a risk for trustees

[Australasian Law Management Journal,Compliance & Risk Management,General Management,Technology] March 13, 2022

Business email compromise is an insidious and increasingly common means of fraud that poses a threat to any businesses, especially law firms, that act as trustees in large transactions, writes Simone Herbert-Lowe. An increasing risk exposure for lawyers and law firms involves business email compromise (BEC). BEC typically occurs where an email account (either the […]

Latest news – Cybersecurity training shortfall; CEOs upbeat on economy; ‘Candidate ghosting’ on rise

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,People Management(HR),Technology] March 4, 2022

Survey highlights cybersecurity training gap Just over half of all employees in the legal service industry have had no cybersecurity training from their current employer, according to a new survey. The study from NordLocker. which surveyed about 1500 legal professionals, showed that 51 per cent of staff had not received such training, despite 83 per […]

Rest, review and re-wire – why you should take a data-informed approach to 2022

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Strategy & Leadership,Technology] January 18, 2022

If firms want to prosper in the new year, they need to use data more wisely to inform decision-making and insist on more regular forms of rest and recovery for their staff, writes Leonie Green. I feel like my reflections on 2020 leading into 2021 could be revisited very easily for this year’s reflection. There […]

Developing the mindsets and skills of lawyers for the age of AI

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,People Management(HR),Technology] January 13, 2022

To ensure that employees of law firms are prepared mentally and practically for an era in which artificial intelligence will come to the fore, law firm leaders need to foster a culture and activities that help them learn and adapt, writes Daljit Singh. My article in the September issue of ALMJ looked at how artificial […]

From in-person to remote to hybrid meetings – why the focus is shifting

[Australasian Law Management Journal,Marketing & Business Development,Strategy & Leadership,Technology] November 6, 2021

Technology has come to the fore to facilitate better meetings during COVID-19, but we need to think about our behaviours and what we can do differently as we enter a permanently changed world of hybrid meetings, writes Mark Andrews. Have you found yourself sitting in a meeting room with two or three colleagues where you […]

Optimising your law firm with Microsoft 365

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Technology,Uncategorized] July 15, 2021

As law firms seek to solve workflow issues through the use of legal technology, it makes sense for them to better use tools with which they are already familiar, but which they probably haven’t been using to their full advantage, writes Graeme Grovum. Selecting legal technology for law firms can sometimes seem like dying of […]

Latest news – Domestic violence rethink; Move to limit cyber attacks; Spending focus on contract management software

[Australasian Law Management Journal,Finance & Accounting,General Management,Technology] July 5, 2021

Legal profession leads change on domestic violence Domestic violence experts from across the country recently came together to take part in the Law Council of Australia’s National Roundtable on Family Violence: Awareness, Education and Training, to start a new discussion on how the legal profession may rethink its responses to and understanding of domestic and […]

Latest news – New funding help for women; Legal-tech budget woes; Revenue lift for small firms

[Australasian Law Management Journal,Finance & Accounting,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,People Management(HR),Technology] May 31, 2021

Funding boost welcome for legal assistance services The Law Council of Australia is pleased that the Australian Government has announced additional funding for Australia’s legal assistance sector, with a focus on improving access to justice for women and those experiencing mental health issues. Key funding measures in the 2021-22 Budget will provide a range of […]

By design – why our work ‘place’ is more important than ever

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,People Management(HR),Strategy & Leadership,Technology] April 30, 2021

The ‘place’ in which we work in a post-COVID-19 world will be every bit as significant as the three elements – people, process and technology – that have long been seen as keys to business success, writes Mark Andrews. Many readers will be familiar with the idea that ‘people’, ‘process’ and ‘technology’ are the trio […]