Lessons from the Kiwi e-conveyancing model – Part 2: Practice Managers

[Webinars] September 25, 2012

Presented by Catherine Trengrove, Minter Ellison Watts Rudd. Electronic conveyancing presents many challenges for practice managers, who have to implement the necessary policies and internal changes to support this new transaction settlement process. As part of any proper risk management analysis, practice managers will need to understand E-conveyancing practices and work closely with legal staff […]

Lessons from the Kiwi e-conveyancing model – Part 1: Property Lawyers

[Webinars] September 18, 2012

Presented by Catherine Trengrove, Minter Ellison Watts Rudd. Electronic conveyancing significantly changes the way property transactions are settled. Most lawyers want to understand the practical effect on their day-to-day settlements process and documentation. The experience in New Zealand can provide helpful insight to know exactly what these initial implementation changes are: how settlements are completed […]

The Innovation Factor – why every law firm needs to innovate to thrive in the new economy

[Webinars] May 16, 2012

Presented by Simon Tupman. As law firms come to terms with running themselves as a business, they are now beginning to appreciate the importance of innovation. During this one hour webinar, Simon Tupman will outline:- what ‘innovation’ means within the context of a legal practice why innovation is an essential part of your management mix […]

Managing Partner and COO roles in law firms & Creating a high-performance culture amongst business support staff

[Webinars] March 20, 2012

Presented by Nick Salmon, White & Case We all know that a firm can only be as good as its people, but it takes far more than just great lawyers to make a great firm! The importance of developing a strong working relationship between the Managing Partner and Chief Operating Officer can not be overstated, […]

Action at the Front: The Evolving Face of Legal Project Management

[Webinars] October 20, 2011

In today’s economically challenging legal landscape, clients of all types demand that law firms allocate resources more effectively and deliver services more efficiently. In response to these demands, Legal Project Management – “LPM” – is rapidly becoming essential for proactively managing cases, projects and engagements. More than just a tool, LPM is a whole toolbox […]

Why agreeing your fees upfront is easier than you think!

[Webinars] July 3, 2011

Presented by John Chisholm, John Chisholm Consulting Whilst there has been a lot of talk about firms moving to non time based pricing most firms are still addicted to their timesheets and continue to worship the billable hour. This is partly in the belief that “If it’s not broke don’t fix it”, partly out of […]

Brand Building of Law Firms

[Webinars] October 29, 2010

Presented by Juhi Garg, Edge International The aim of this webinar is to allow participants to learn what goes into creating strong, distinguishable and reputed law firm brands. Law as a service requires trust and expertise. A strong brand presence reduces pitching across the table for legal work and pre-instills a sense of trust, confidence […]

How to give effective feedback to lawyers

[Webinars] October 14, 2010

Presented by Kriss Will, Kriss Will Consulting. Soft skills do not have to be so hard! In this workshop, you will learn a simple approach for preparing and delivering feedback. Partners, managers and lawyers with people management responsibilities often report that giving feedback is one of the most difficult aspects of staff management. Positive feedback […]

Using Performance Benchmarks to Maximise Your Opportunities

[Webinars] August 12, 2010

Presented by Sam Coupland, FMRC Legal You don’t have to be big to be profitable. In fact, you don’t even have to be busy. Being big or busy does not ensure profitability. The profits of even the busiest firms can be hampered by poor managerial practices. All practices require well thought out strategies to maximise […]