Why mastering the ‘humble swagger’ should be a priority for leaders

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,People Management(HR),Strategy & Leadership,Uncategorized] June 25, 2019

Finding a balance between confidence and humility is a complex pursuit for law firm leaders, but it is one they must consider if they hope to be effective in modern markets, writes Keegan Luiters. Many leaders in professional services such as law rise to their leadership roles through their technical ability or their ability to […]

Are law firms fighting a war for talent, or a war for trust?

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As law firms seek to recruit the best millennial talent to thrive in the future, they should ensure that they build trusted relationships with their employees, clients and the community, writes Trish Carroll. According to the CommBank 2018 Legal Market Pulse Report, released in December last year, the war for talent continues. Going by the […]

Latest news – Talent retention the focus for firms; ‘Holistic approach’ needed for healthy lawyers; Salary hikes on the way for most

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,Strategy & Leadership,Uncategorized] May 29, 2019

Firms hellbent on keeping top employees According to the 2019 ALPMA Australian Legal Industry Salary & HR Issues Survey, more than half of all Australian law firms expect to increase staff numbers this year, compared with 42 per cent in 2018, as firms seek to retain their best talent. Salaries have increased for most roles […]

12 tips for contemporary risk managers in law firms

[Australasian Law Management Journal,Compliance & Risk Management,General Management,Strategy & Leadership,Uncategorized] May 16, 2019

The role of law firm risk managers is changing significantly. Here are some pointers from Peppy Mitchell on what modern in-house law firm risk managers should be doing in an increasingly volatile world. Law firms are increasingly hiring dedicated risk managers with a diverse skillset. In the rapidly changing world of legal services, firms and […]

How to unlock the true power of diversity and inclusion

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,People Management(HR),Strategy & Leadership,Uncategorized] April 18, 2019

Implementing a truly effective diversity and inclusion strategy within a firm is more about creating the right culture and less about complying with laws or hosting diversity days, writes Leonie Green. Diversity and inclusion have been buzz words for a while now. Bigger firms and companies have dedicated resources focused on these two workplace phenomena, […]

Q&A: Kriss Will – “When people ask me how I’m enjoying retirement, I say I’m not retired, I’m just not able to work.”

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In the second of a two-part Q&A, Kriss Will, a respected long-time HR consultant to law firms and the founder of Kriss Will Consulting, explains why it is important for law firm leaders to be decent, and how she maintains a “glass-half-full” approach despite having received a life-changing health diagnosis. You must have seen the […]

Q&A: Peter George – “Small firms can provide all the services of the big firms. Small is the new big.”

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Marketing & Business Development,People Management(HR),Strategy & Leadership,Uncategorized] February 26, 2019

In our Q&A, Peter George, managing partner of Melbourne-based commercial law firm CIE Legal, explains why he thinks small firms are well placed to capitalise on disrupted legal markets; why decency should be on the radar for all firms; and why he loves planting trees. On the CIE Legal website you are described as the […]

Latest news – Top-tier firms see the positives; Report urges rethink of law firm model, UK law grads hit pay dirt

[Australasian Law Management Journal,Finance & Accounting,General Management,People Management(HR),Strategy & Leadership,Uncategorized] January 27, 2019

Bullish outlook for top-tier Australian firms Sentiment among legal practices, especially top-tier firms, is “exceptionally positive”, according to the latest edition of the CommBank Legal Market Pulse. The annual analysis of the trends shaping the legal services industry in Australia turns the spotlight on the way in which firms are future-proofing their operations in response […]

Physical space in vogue as firms ponder future of offices

[Australasian Law Management Journal,General Management,Strategy & Leadership,Uncategorized] December 24, 2018

With open-plan offices coming under scrutiny within many law firms, the potential benefits of using new space for collaboration, culture and psychological wellbeing are considerable, writes Mark Andrews. In the past 12 months, my firm has done some interesting things with physical space in Australia and in other parts of the world such as Jakarta, […]

How to avoid information overload with legal research resources

[Uncategorized] November 1, 2018

Despite the presence of an exhaustive list of legal research resources in the market, it pays to do your homework and avoid the mistake of subscribing to every product available, writes Kirsty McPhee. The way in which we purchase, access and use legal research resources has changed considerably during the past decade. Small to medium-sized […]