How to give effective feedback to lawyers

[Webinars] October 14, 2010

Presented by Kriss Will, Kriss Will Consulting.

Soft skills do not have to be so hard! In this workshop, you will learn a simple approach for preparing and delivering feedback. Partners, managers and lawyers with people management responsibilities often report that giving feedback is one of the most difficult aspects of staff management. Positive feedback is part of the recognition high performers find motivating, yet too often this is overlooked as “nice to do if I am not busy” rather than a critical tool in successful people management. Constructive feedback is often avoided as people managers want to avoid upsetting the working relationship, yet we know that we do our staff no favours by pretending performance is acceptable when it is not.

In this webinar, participants will learn about

  • The key components of motivating positive feedback
  • A simple tool to plan and deliver effective constructive feedback
  • The five feedback traps every people manager must avoid

Access presentations slides and recording from the LAWASIA Law Management Section webpage.