Lessons from the Kiwi e-conveyancing model – Part 1: Property Lawyers

[Webinars] September 18, 2012

Presented by Catherine Trengrove, Minter Ellison Watts Rudd.

Electronic conveyancing significantly changes the way property transactions are settled. Most lawyers want to understand the practical effect on their day-to-day settlements process and documentation. The experience in New Zealand can provide helpful insight to know exactly what these initial implementation changes are: how settlements are completed by undertakings, how transaction risk is divided, what training they need to have, what precedents and documents needs to be amended and the impact on solicitors certificates provided to the banks.

The most important lesson from New Zealand is that the impact on legal practices was grossly underestimated. E-conveyancing is not just a simple “systemic change” where some documentation needs to be altered and internal processes amended. E-conveyancing not only affects Property teams, but Banking and Finance teams as well as Corporate agreements and settlements.

The webinar session will address all these issues as well as offering practical tips and solutions for you to successfully implement E-conveyancing as part of your legal practice.

Presentation slides | Webinar recording