Lessons from the Kiwi e-conveyancing model – Part 2: Practice Managers

[Webinars] September 25, 2012

Presented by Catherine Trengrove, Minter Ellison Watts Rudd.

Electronic conveyancing presents many challenges for practice managers, who have to implement the necessary policies and internal changes to support this new transaction settlement process. As part of any proper risk management analysis, practice managers will need to understand E-conveyancing practices and work closely with legal staff to ensure a smooth implementation.

New Zealand has had compulsory E-conveyancing since 2003 and there are many lessons which practice managers can learn from the Kiwi experience. The practice areas which need to be co-ordinated are IT, accounts, training, secretaries, legal, deeds storage, risk management/insurance and human resources. Overarching policies on privacy of stored information and system registration must also be developed as well as understanding the audit requirements from the Land Registrars and the E-conveyancing operator.

The webinar session will address all these issues as well as offering practical tips and solutions for you to successfully implement E-conveyancing as part of your legal practice through a change management process.

Presentation slides | Webinar recording