Value Pricing Resources – 2009 World Masters of Law Firm Management seminar

[Papers] August 20, 2008

Presentation by Ron Baker on ‘Value Pricing: the next real thing for law firms?‘.

Articles & Blogs:
Journal of Accountancy Value Pricing article (June 2009), including 11 Exhibits:

Journal of Accountancy Sidebar on Price Psychology:

VeraSage blog post on strategies for RFPs:

VeraSage summary blog post on what firms need to do to implement Value Pricing and get rid of timesheets, includes links to many additional resources- a summary of everything you could possibly want:

VeraSage Legal Trailblazers Mark Chinn and Jay Shepherd:

Jay Shepherd’s Blog, The Client Revolution:

Ungaretti & Harris, world’s first law firm to offer a service guarantee:

Exemplar Law Website:

A three-part Webinar on Value Pricing for Lawyers:

A Webinar on Value Pricing for Lawyers with Chris Marston, CEO of Exemplar Law Partners:

Further information:
For further information, Ron Baker can be contacted at the Verasage Institute,