Why agreeing your fees upfront is easier than you think!

[Webinars] July 3, 2011

Presented by John Chisholm, John Chisholm Consulting

Whilst there has been a lot of talk about firms moving to non time based pricing most firms are still addicted to their timesheets and continue to worship the billable hour. This is partly in the belief that “If it’s not broke don’t fix it”, partly out of inertia and partly out of ignorance as to actually how to price your services up front. For several years John Chisholm has led the push in Australasia for law firms to move away from time based billing and in this seminar he will share his experiences with firms in Australia, US and the UK which have successfully made the transition. John will not only explain why we should all ditch time based costing for value based pricing but how you can do it in your firm with your clients – and its simpler than many lawyers and consultants would have you believe.

Access presentations slides and recording from the LAWASIA Law Management Section webpage.