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How to have talent conversations that really matter
How to have talent conversations that really matter

Leadership expert Daljit Singh provides a 5-step strategy to use talent conversations to improve the career fulfillment of employees and, at the same time, improve performance outcomes for law firms.

How diverse do we need to be?
How diverse do we need to be?

Leonie Green considers how to get the best from our employees who are neurodivergent, and explains why a better understanding of differences in the workplace could improve how our people and our clients understand one another.

Editors’ picks

Data breaches at scale: The implications for law firms
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Cyber resilience consultant Simone Herbert-Lowe explains how to prevent and respond to cyber threats. Three key takeaways are: • consider using audit teams to check cybersecurity compliance after major projects • develop more comprehensive plans to protect sensitive client information • discuss in advance your firm’s stance on paying ransoms if cyber extortion occurs.